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Request an Ambulance for Your health emergencies

Patient Transfers. Critical Care Transport. Corporate and sporting events, Standby services, Community outreach events. Non-urgent transfer services. Telemedicine®. Available on Dash Health®, on-demand.

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Fast and affordable emergency medical care on-demand

Receive effective out-of-hospital medical care right where you are, from patient transfers, to critical care transportation, telemedicine services including virtual consultation with certified doctors and medication e-purchase.

Fast response

Get an ambulance deployed to your location in good time, cut through hospital wait-time and consult with a certified doctor, and order prescribed medications and have them delivered to your doorstep effortlessly.

Certified paramedics

Access the health care experience you deserve beyond emergency transportation. Receive functional pre-hospital emergency care from certified paramedics and other well-trained ambulance crew. 

Patient focused

Built from research to review with you at heart, our services are designed to attend to your health care needs from pickup to post-discharge. We’re not saying why you should trust us with your health, we’re answering why not, with experiences that put you first.

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Find Us on Your favorite app store

Download the Dash Health mobile app on the Google Play Store or the iOS Appstore. Sign up, complete your profile and book an ambulance as and when the need arises.

Download Dash health on Google play store Download Dash health on Apple App store

Consult certified Doctors virtually

Save yourself the trip to the hospital and the long wait time to see a doctor. Now you can access certified doctors, receive health advice, or prescription, while on the go!

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Become a Partner

Powered by our world-class BLS and ACLS certification programmes, empower your ambulances and paramedics to respond to emergencies while earning, by joining the largest ambulance on-demand network powered by the Dash Health® platform.

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Request an Ambulance Now

Dial 0702 509 0040 and press 9 to skip the options and get connected directly to our 24/7 dispatch control centre. Our emergency response team will dispatch an ambulance to you in good time.

For 3rd party requests, please have the following information handy.

Pickup address, Landmark, Patient Name, Contact phone number, Your email address, Your name, destination,  patient condition